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Shhhh, the Perthians are talking...

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6/30/08 04:22 pm - genderpac

The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition is pleased to announce the release of its 2008 GENIUS Survey in partnership with Ernst & Young.  GenderPAC works to ensure that classrooms, communities and workplaces are safe for everyone to learn, grow and succeed.


The Gender Equality National Index for Universities & Schools (GENIUS), GenderPAC’s most recent effort to end discrimination and promote awareness, encourages colleges and universities to recognize the benefits of a GenderSAFEtm campus - supportive equitable and protective for all students. Choosing to participate in GENUIS sends a strong public statement that bullying or discriminating based on the race, sex or gender of a student, faculty, or staff member is not tolerated at your institution


Fill out the survey at:  www.gpac.org/GENIUS2008survey, and make sure that we have data for as many schools as possible. Your voice will help us continue to work towards a safe and welcoming environment for every student.


While we greatly appreciate the interest taken in GENIUS by students, staff and faculty at academic institutions outside of the United States, at this time GENIUS is only able to track schools based in the United States.


5/21/08 07:19 pm - ex_assemble

Hey there.

I'm moving to live campus at Murdoch uni, and was hoping there were a few people with experience living on (any) university campus that could give me some advice.

The first is (or at least fells like) a silly question, but - what typically happens with dinner in a shared flat? Does everyone just make their own, or is it a bit more communal?  Obviously it'll be different  for every group of people, but I was just wondering  if there was a general trend.  I'm just going to feel a bit odd on the first day not knowing what everyone's going to be doing, and I'm rather shy around new people so I probably won't ask. But I'm probably worrying too much. :P

I was also wondering if anyone had any tips for living cheaply around Perth. Food, entertainment, etc. on a student budget, that sort of thing.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.

5/4/08 10:41 am - the_real_eris

 I am trying to organise a peaceful protest rally in Western Australia on May 11 and May 18 against governmental cooperation with greys, human abduction an human corruption, and second rally against allowing greys to land in and live in Australia, respectively. If anyone is interested please add me as a lj friend or just live a post on my ljournal. Also if you can spread the word about the rally it would be really great, as Western Australia is in a high level danger zone, and abductions happen often and more and more openly.

3/21/08 01:04 am - drsketchyperth - Dr Sketchy's Comes To Perth!

I hope this isn't inappropriate, but I'm sure there are some arty types amongst you and I wanted to let you know about a new journal created for Dr Sketchy's in Perth.

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School is where burlesque meets art, buys it a drink and takes it to bed.  This successful life drawing class is now in 50 cities across the world and now it's Perth's turn to join the craziness. 

Dr Sketchy nights will be held at The Leederville where you can come and draw sexy burlesque girls and hunky boys as well as see performances by Perth's premier burlesque troupe, Sugar Blue Burlesque.

If you're interested, come and check out drsketchyperth or take a look at our website.  It's still under construction but has links to our MySpace and FaceBook pages.


x-posted around a bit

2/4/08 02:35 pm - liskalu - Dream t-shirts!

Hi everyone,
I'm doing a kind of mini poll on what YOU would most like to see on a t-shirt!
I work at a t-shirt company in Nedlands, WA so am able to make the t-shirt you would most like to see, and then auction it off on ebay for you :) we post worldwide, so location is not a problem!

we can do bulk lots of t-shirts e.g. for clubs, organisations, sporting teams, etc

So let me know ...

what would you like to see most on a t-shirt???

12/21/07 01:44 pm - echo_anomie - Support a Starving Artist

To all and sundry,
Two friends of mine, and well known Perth performance artists, are holding a charity event which takes 15-20 selected artists who are new, and haven't had the exposure they deserve, to exhibit at The Kurb gallery. Tickets sold will go towards a cash prize for the most popular artist, chosen by ticket holders.

Students from ECU, TAFE, UWA, and other uni graduates will be among the selected artists.

See image for details, hope to see you there.

10/12/07 02:47 pm - admiral_t - Save the Station Street Markets, Subiaco

The Station Street Markets add life and colour to Subiaco but they are scheduled to be demolished in early November. To protect Subiaco's 'village vibe' and save the Markets for everyone in Perth to enjoy you can:

* Tell everyone off line about the Markets
* Come to the demonstration march. Assemble at the Markets at 1130 on Saturday 20 October and wear something yellow
* Join this group if you are on Facebook (and get your friends to do the same) http://ndedu.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5598818378

'Market traders told to quit' Post 22 Sept 2007 http://www.postnewspapers.com.au/20070922/news/005.shtml

Flyer distributed around Subiaco http://www1.freewebs.com/friendsofsubiacomarkets/

9/19/07 03:49 am - biomimetical - for those at UWA

When you get off the bus stop from the city and go down the slope to the tunnel leading to UWA, is that graffiti still there on the right hand side?

9/11/07 10:43 pm - echo_anomie - Renting

Is anyone having any luck finding a place to live that's not too far from town?

9/10/07 06:48 am - rapefrank - Hello

Hey guys,

I was wondering if any one of you Perthians know a TAFE institute for an international student such as myself to go to. Chances are high that I'll transfer my credits to university and get a degree, if possible. I'm studying social sciences at the moment but the course isn't giving me much. I'm not the type to deal with essay papers and deadlines. Thus, I'm willing change the field and do something related to IT as it's been my job for a while no. Plus, it involves as less human contact as possible, so.

Would be awesome if one of you had any insight about the courses like System Administration. Classes and teaching techniques.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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