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Shhhh, the Perthians are talking...

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5/22/10 02:39 pm - gemfyre - Selling a few things

We're located in Stirling.

Exercise bike. Purchased this a year ago then not long after hurt my tailbone and can't ride it anymore. It's one of those big ones with the fan - so it keeps you cool while you ride (which is why I bought it). V. Good condition, barely used. Bought for $700, asking $400 ONO.

Westinghouse 150L chest freezer with basket. Works well. $125

Inside the freezerCollapse )

Hoover 480L Fridge/Freezer. A bit noisy at time but still works well. $125 The plastic bit on the front falls off easily, bit it goes back on easily as well.

Inside the fridgeCollapse )

If you take the fridge and freezer together it's $200.

Epson Stylus CX6500. Scanner doesn't work. Something is up with the print heads (probably because it wasn't used for a while). Sometimes it prints and sometimes it doesn't, someone in the know (or with an instruction manual) should be able to fix it. It has almost full ink cartridges in it. $30

10/24/09 03:04 pm - gemfyre - Furniture for sale

Seeing as I just bought a new bedroom suite, I need to get rid of the old to make room for the new.

The following are for sale.

Set of drawers. A bit ugly and rickety but perfectly servicable. $20

Set of drawers - Black. $20

Double bed ensemble. Didn't bother taking a photo as it's currently got my own sheets on it and looks like any other mattress uncovered. $75

Small TV - NEC - $10

Small TV - Sharp - $10

The bed and drawers will be availble on Saturday 31st October. Would be awesome if they could be taken away on that day.

8/17/09 02:51 pm - gemfyre - Car for sale

Not-Bob, my old car is for sale.

It's a 1995 Daewoo 1.5i in dark green ("Canterbury Green" apparently). Manual.

Asking for around $2000, negotiable.

Has been well maintained, but also well driven. Would be a perfect first car or wheels for a poor student.

7/27/09 11:54 pm - trishalishous - Free stuff In Perth!

To collect weds or Thurs please

Queen bed ensemble, bedhead and drawers, Fridge/freezer , Futon for sofa bed, three tables,
General kitchen utensils, Magazines, Rag bag,

BBQ, Old couch, two tables, Not sure if outdoors stuff is worth keeping

7/22/09 04:20 pm - redduskjewel - New Range of Body Jewellery!

7/12/09 11:39 am - redduskjewel - Introducing the Motel Princess bustier ...

... arguably the MOST popular of Red Dusk Jewellery's bustier styles thus far

visit Red Dusk Jewellery's online boutique for the full range


3/17/09 02:14 am - redduskjewel - Public Call Out

Hey all, just wondering if there's any make up artists in there interested in collaborating on a couture/vintage style photo shoot within for the next season

visit http://www.redduskjewellery.com to get a feel for what i mean
interested parties, please email redduskjewellery@gmail.com
all artists velcome
i dont bite

2/13/09 02:39 pm - redduskjewel - Introducing a new business ...

Red Dusk Jewellery

Bridal Accessories
Headwear for all occasions

A Western Australian run and owned small business

Custom orders welcomed


7/23/08 09:15 pm - nicwhite86

Hi everyone. I'm interning at The Sunday Times until 2nd August, so if you have anything that might make a good story, you can email it to me at whiteni@sundaytimes.newsltd.com.au :)

7/8/08 03:18 pm - liskalu - packing boxes!

i am looking for packing boxes - as many or as few as you have - anything would help!
does anyone have some they want to get rid of? or know where i can get free/cheap ones? i've tried the quokka, but they're all so expensive! :P
any help would be greatley appreciated!
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